About us – Law of Attraction

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I am fully passionate about everything related to the law of attraction.

Therefore, I created this blog for you with much affection and love. I hope you like it.

law of attraction

My name is Claudio Leysen, I was born in Santos/SP – Brazil.

However I speak English, German and Portuguese.

Now, I live in Paranagua/PR – Brazil, since 1984.

My main work has always been with port areas and services with cargo ships.

If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My real intention is to invite people from all over the world to take a plunge into self-knowledge and emanate positivity through the Law of Attraction.

By acquiring a world of endless possibilities and, thus, realizing their deepest dreams.

we all have access to the same universal power of wealth through the Law of Attraction.

Regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social status or any other human diversity. 

There is no judgment in the Law of Attraction, it is universal.

The intricacies of the law are in motion every second for every person on the planet.

Everyone has a conscious mind that chooses to think a certain way and with the Law of Attraction.

 You can guide clients to manifest success, wealth and abundance in their life. 

Ultimately, your fate is in your hands, but you can play an important role in guiding it.

He can overcome any challenge with courage, hope and positive thinking.

The strength of the human mind continues to be now no longer completely understood.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t harness it.

To discover your true wealth-building potential by creating a new lifestyle for yourself starting right now. 

You will also be able to share your findings with others to produce powerful and positive changes!

I will frequently post several articles on how the law of attraction can improve your standard of living in all areas of your life.